The Mind Brain Behaviour Hive

Re-engineering the future of learning
at the University of Toronto

A research, development, design, and development hub.
Powered by the cutting edge of wearable computing, physiological sensing, machine learning, and state of the art brain science.


To understand the human mind, and - through what we call Intelligent Artificiality - augment it with the strengths of computing.
To build technologies, devices, applications, and learning platforms. All toward the future of learning and behavioural transformation.

Seeing What’s Hidden:

The Variables That Shape Interactions Go Way Beyond Text

The causal powers of your facial expressions

The causal powers of your gaze shifts

The causal powers of your pupillary dynamics

The causal powers of your gestures and body language

The causal powers of your postural kinematics

The causal powers of your voice

Coming Soon

Reading emotional temperature from neurophysiological variables

Using temperature, heart rate, respiration, EDA, EEG… to improve the underlying machine learning algorithms, and to augment the uses of the Platform

Digital phenotyping

Analysing typing patterns to elucidate personality and emotional state; text for topics, connections, imagery…


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